What We Do
Help To Provide Mutual Financial Aid
By partnering with selected Program Owners such as associations and cooperatives, CoFAP can facilitate immediate financial support to its community members against the increasing medical costs today.
It is a fully transparent, disciplined approach and exceptionally reliable platform that helps to provide mutual financial aid protections amongst group members. It is administered yearly on behalf of members by the administrator, VSure.life, as a platform for members to crowd share the payout in accordance with the program’s Shariah guidelines.
CoFAP is not an insurance nor a takaful product, but an alternative to reduce financial burden of the people in unfortunate events. Unlike insurance companies or takaful operators, the administrative and operating costs are kept to a minimum.
Why CoFAP?
There are no medical questions nor required medical check-up as this is not an insurance or takaful cover.
Members’ direct family members, including spouse and/or child(ren) between 2 months old to 60 years old, are eligible to join.
All family members will be registered under the Primary Member of CoFAP.
Tax Exemption
Excluding any applicable taxes at the prevailing rates as may be prescribed by the Government of Malaysia, such as Sales and Service Tax (SST).
Must be a Malaysian between 2 months old to 60 years old
Must be a member of an approved Program Owner
Annual Renewal.
Why Us
Reasons To Choose Us
Offered Protections
Stage 3 onwards
Coverage: RM15,000
Immediate medical costs
Coverage: RM500
Upon death
Coverage: RM25,000 (in addition to RM500)